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Another photo was received from the third shot of the Shop-stop, on which the heroes of the first and second parts stretched

Shop-stop has become a movie of the twenties and thirties of all time, expressing the sense of life of young people struggling to start their careers, as well as those who are a bit sick of their gray workplaces, monotony and monotony. The second part cannot become such a cult piece, even if there are good sayings in it. It will separate what the Shop-stop 3 will look like when it’s finished, but it’s sure to be shot in full swing, because another picture of it arrived since last time, with a Shop-stop 1-2 on it. with its heroes.

a Vanity Fair Courtesy of this official portrait of famous actors dressed as Dante (Brian O’Lorran), Randall (Jeff Anderson), Elias, the New Boy (Trevor Furman) and Dante’s girlfriend Becky (Rosario Dawson) We Met Part II. According to the story, Randall suffers a severe and almost fatal heart attack like Kevin Smith, after which he reassessed his life and did it in the form of a movie with the help of his peers. At Vanity Fair, the director revealed that this action-in-the-movie will be titled Annoyance, and while Shop-stop spins in third, it’ll spin in black and white, like the first. Smith emphasized that while Part 2 was forced a bit in the sense that he himself had never worked in a fast food restaurant, this part was again inspired by autobiography, which is why Randall rather than Dante was the hero.

The third shot of the Shop-stop began at Red Bank in New Jersey on August 2, but continued in Leonardo, not far away, according to a recent Vanity Fair article: just where the Shop-stop was also recorded in the 1990s. Start. So Kevin Smith is already looking forward to the comparative photos fans will take after the third season premieres. By the way, the director promises that while youngsters will also find themes they love in the sequel, it will be more of a movie script in the sense that it’s mainly about people like Smith who are really old foxes but trying to be. Young. or stay.

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Now the team really collaborated! (Source: Vanity Fair)

A few days ago, Kevin Smith himself shared a photo on Instagram showing Randall’s popular video library.