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Another tennis player finished Roland Garros due to a press conference

After second place in the women’s world rankings, Naomi Osaka on Twitter on Twitter AdvertiseTo back out of the French Open, Roland Garros, because He does not wish to attend mandatory press conferencesHowever, they were penalized for this, and another opponent ran into trouble with the post-match statement.

Czech Petra Kvitova – who reached the semi-finals in 2012 and last year – also announced on Twitter that she would end the race. Although he went to the mandatory press conference after winning the first round, he fell and crossed his ankles while meeting with the reporters. His condition did not improve, an MRI scan was performed, and based on the results, he decided, in consultation with his staff, that he would not prefer to take risks and give up Roland Garros.

Meanwhile, in the case of Osaka, the president of the French Tennis Federation, Gilles Moreton, took an infinitely silly step. He stood before the press, reading a statement about how sad Osaka’s decision was, waiting for a competitor anxious about press issues, and thus favoring a boycott but consequently being sanctioned for next year’s race. Then, after finishing the script, he left without the journalists being able to ask him anything.

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