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Appeared in a British shaped cloud II. Elizabeth 70 to rule the feast

A photo struck at the anniversary of the anniversary: ​​a cloud formed the perfect array of British islands – one of Britain’s finest events. Robert Brown, of Clifton FGHD, Bristol, received his lens at FarmSight. The bridge was built in 1864 by Isambart Kingdom Brunel– You can read

Fots said: “I think it’s like England and Britain. It’s a very strange coincidence, it’s like all the clouds lined up just before the anniversary. The British celebrated Elizabeth Day. We told in detail. The Kirley family attended jubilee celebrations across the country.

A Kirlin!Source: AFP / Daniel Leal

On Derby Day, Kirlin did not attend because of a motion problem, but she was watching events on television. On Saturday, Prince Crowley of Wales and Prince William of Cambridge delivered speeches on the episodes and results of King’s Day, followed by a lightning jubilee concert in front of Buckingham Palace.
(Source of the report: AFP / Ivan Yordanov / MI News / NurPhoto)

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