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Apple: iOS is more secure

The company wants to avoid European commitments, and they say the current stricter system is better.

A particularly important part of the race between Apple and Google is the clash of software platforms, as Android and iOS try to conquer users in different designs with different philosophies. The former company has managed to keep everyone away from gaming, and we can read about its current advantage in terms of security for years, and this is again underlined by a possible European action.

The company made one Detailed material, which discusses building a trusted ecosystem that is the right solution for millions of applications. The document focuses on the so-called sideloading feature, and its potential enabler, as they have not yet allowed users to search for different apps in their App Store. However, as the European Union is already working hard Digital Markets Law Termination, submitted, and expected to require that sideloading be enabled, Apple is now trying to paint this a worse color, which is justified by the potential security deterioration.

The authorities mention, among other things, that competing programs have traditionally performed poorly in terms of security, which is due, among other things, to the fact that sideloading is enabled. To this day, Google allows users to select and use other software stores, not to mention directly run individual files and bypass stores, but that’s why we have to deal with a lot of Android malware. In this regard, Apple notes that in the past few years, many infections have been registered under its rival solution, sometimes 47 times more than its own, so they say that iOS should not follow suit.

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In this regard, of course, it is worth noting that US secret services are always an exception, and perhaps these organizations have access to all systems, so the protection of confidential data (and personal rights), the focus is more on us, and simple. Humans.