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Apple is testing a built-in chip display

The California Group expects more performance from the compact device.

to 9to5Mac booksThe Pro Display XDR to be launched in the near future may include a dedicated processor, which the manufacturer says is necessary to enable the product to perform better and offer new features. The new solution is already being fully developed and tested by the company.

According to the leaked information, experts installed the A13 Bionic chip in the prototype called J327, which was also integrated into the iPhone 11. With this step, the engineers did not aim to create an all-in-one device, but to give the screen additional functionality.

A13 Bionic has six CPU cores, two of which are faster, while the remaining four are more energy efficient, and the processor also contains a machine learning unit, a self-developed graphics unit, and an artificial intelligence neural engine. The latter is very versatile. The built-in chip will also allow you to edit photos and videos or use it to speed up other applications.

9to5Mac noted that in addition to raw power, the processor allows streaming via the Airplay interface so that content can be wirelessly transmitted from the screen to external speakers. In addition, the prototype can be used to test ideas for the successor to Pro Display XDR.

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