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Apple may say goodbye to physical SIM cards sooner than you think

According to a recent leak, the launch of the first eSIM-only iPhone is far from complete.

As for the iPhone, since the socket input almost disappeared in 2016, analysts predict that sooner or later we will have to say goodbye to both the charging connector and the SIM card. The first can be replaced by the increasingly advanced wireless charging technology, and the second can be replaced by an electronic chip or eSIM.

However, despite the wait, for now, both persist stubbornly, but the actual SIM card garbage isn’t that far away if we can believe a new rumor.

in days Mac rumors booksThat according to an unnamed source, the models arriving in September 2022 will not have good old SIM cards. The newspaper was informed that the company has already informed major US mobile operators to prepare for the arrival of eSIM iPhones.

This was joined by Dylan, one of the most reliable leakers. As confirmation, he pointed to a February report in which he wrote that Apple was already working on the switch, but that it certainly won’t happen this year.

In addition to removing traditional SIM cards, several arguments can be made. One is that it will be easier to manufacture the phones and free up some extra space for other parts as the SIM tray will not be needed anymore. Also not to be overlooked is the fact that, unlike its physical counterpart, an eSIM does not produce plastic waste and makes the initial setup of the devices easier (even when the process is really smooth).

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However, the eSIM is not yet available in all countries, so even if Apple moves to the next generation, it will have to produce a separate iPhone for these markets, which does not seem likely due to the additional cost and different design.

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