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Are you close to breaking up the UK?

Sturgeon is expected to determine at its Parliamentary Conference scheduled for Tuesday afternoon that another Scottish independence referendum will be held legally even if the British government has not formally agreed.

In Scotland, an independence referendum had already been held in 2014, based on a preliminary treaty agreement between the British and Scottish governments and London’s approval, but by then 55 percent of participants were still voting not to separate Scotland from Britain. However, announcing another independence referendum has been on the agenda again since the referendum on Britain’s EU membership six years ago, with a narrow national average of 51.89 per cent and 62 per cent of Scots abstaining from voting for further EU membership. .

Since then, Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly argued that a new Scottish independence referendum was made necessary as a result of an EU referendum, in which Scotland was “pulled” out of the EU by London despite its clear intention to remain.

Sturgeon launched another independence referendum campaign two weeks ago with a similar logic. He said that if Scottish voters had known in 2014 the direction the UK would take in subsequent years, a majority would have voted for independence in a referendum at that time.

However, the Scottish Prime Minister also regularly asserts that the referendum can only be prepared and held in a legal and democratic framework, and is therefore ready to negotiate with British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson. However, Johnson repeatedly refused to call for another referendum, arguing that That, according to the personal promises of Nicola Sturgeon and his predecessor, former Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond, the result of the 2014 referendum is for a generation.

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However, in a statement ahead of Tuesday’s plans for a referendum, Nicola Sturgeon said she had a democratic mandate to re-hold the independence referendum after pro-independence forces in Edinburgh passed a majority in the Edinburgh legislature in the parliamentary elections last May.

The Scottish National Independence Party (SNP), led by Nicola Sturgeon, which governs Scotland, and the Green Party together have 72 members of the 129-member Scottish Parliament, and the Greens have clearly pledged to hold another independence referendum by the end. of the current parliamentary session. Nicola Sturgeon said:

The existence of the United Kingdom and the sovereignty of London over Scotland can only be based on mutual and voluntary consent.

At the same time as the new referendum campaign was launched, the Scottish government also published a study listing the reasons for independence. The arguments put forward are that independent countries with similar capabilities to Scotland are “richer, and in some cases richer” than the United Kingdom, have lower income inequality, lower poverty rates, and higher levels of economic productivity and business investment.

(Featured photo: Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Independence Party (SNP) in Scotland, presents a new government card at the Prime Minister’s Edinburgh residence in Pitt Butt on June 14, 2022. Sturgeon launches a press event from the UK’s campaign for another referendum .
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