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Are you having sex in your dream? He suffers from a rare disease

A rare type of sleepwalking is sexual thirst, when the sleeper performs various sexual activities completely unconsciously. Sexual thirst is more common in men, who can even commit violence, while in women, it is usually exhausted from whining and sleepy masturbation.

A penis erection at dawn upon awakening is well known. On the other hand, penis hardness decreases in men between the ages of 13 and 79 in about 90 minutes per night. This erection usually occurs during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, when vision is also present. Researchers measured that an erection occurs on average every 85 minutes a night and can take up to 25 minutes. However, an explanation for its evolutionary cause has yet to be found.

One of the peculiarities of nocturnal erections is that it occurs during those stages of sleep when our body is paralyzed due to the cessation of our brain’s movement center. Paralysis is fortunate because without it, as it can be seen in pathological conditions, we can seriously injure ourselves and our sleeping partner, as we may “play” dream events and possibly get stuck and kick, as psychologist Jesse Bering wrote in the Scientific American Blog.

Sleepwalker (illustration)Forrás: Image source via AFP / © Image Source, all rights reserved. / Unknown Photographe

Sleepwalking and sexual thirst

Recent research suggests that unconscious sleep sex, and sexual thirst, may be a subtype of sleepwalking, which is fortunately rare. Sleepwalking affects about 1 to 6 percent of the adult population (more common among children and teenagers), but according to some US and European data, up to 10 to 18 percent of people may experience it multiple times in their life. However, only a small portion of sleepwalkers will experience sexual sadness.

Sleepwalking is a special state of consciousness in which a person performs wakefulness during sleep; A sleep in which the senses and motor functions are partially awake. During sleep, the patient’s eyes are usually vitreous – they have a blurry and stiff look.

It usually develops in the first third or first half of nighttime sleep, but it also occurs in other periods marked by excessive sleep – after sleep deprivation or during an afternoon nap. A sleepwalking episode can last from a few seconds to half an hour or even longer, and the sleepwalker often returns to bed and continues asleep without waking up.

Sexual thirst can lead to violence many timesSource: TT News Agency via AFP / Adam Wrafter / Svd

While sleeping, one can do the strangest things. Sometimes he walks up and down, but there have actually been cases when he gets down to the garage and starts the car, only having his wife’s intervention prevent him from getting into a bigger problem. However, in some people, sleepwalking is often a violent act of sexual intercourse and is called sexual sleepiness.

Causes of sexual thirst

In 2007, Monica Andersen worked with a team of psychobiologists to analyze cases of sexual insomnia and their findings were published in the journal Brain Research Reviews. The main triggers for having sex during sleep are insomnia, stress, alcohol or drug use, extreme fatigue, and excessive physical activity at night. It has also been found to be more common in men under the age of 35.

One of the strangest things associated with sexual thirst is that the inappropriate behavior of a sleeping person is sometimes directed at someone who is particularly unattractive to him or her while awake. There is a case in the 1996 issue of the Journal of Medicine, Science, and Law in which a heterosexual student was allegedly brought before a military court for homosexual violence. The man climbed to the bed of another soldier and stroked his genitals. The defendant was eventually acquitted after the court accepted that the defendant did not have an erection – thirst for sex does not always lead to an erection – proving that the case was barely conscious but merely a strange incident during sleep.

Violence during sleep

Bering wrote on his blog the strange and unpleasant incident of a 30-year-old Canadian architect. He drank a lot at a party in the suburbs of Toronto and slept on the sofa. According to the authors of the current psychiatry book, after a while the man stood up and walked to a woman sleeping on a nearby sofa, pulled out a condom, and wanted to have sex with the woman. She woke up to someone taking off her underwear and a man with a glass eye was trying to rape her. He pushed the man away from him, ran to the bathroom, and when he got back, the man stood in the room, completely confused. The man, who had previously demonstrated sleepwalking episodes, was finally acquitted after University of Toronto psychiatrist Colin Shapiro explained in his opinion that the accused was not self-conscious, so he could not control his actions.

Sleepwalking is especially common in childhoodForrás: BSIP via AFP / MAY / BSIP / May

So those with sex soma basically act unconsciously and don’t remember their adventures or memories are very confused. Of course, before anyone thinks about how useful self-defense after rape is by saying it’s just sexual drowsiness, it doesn’t hurt to know that there are good enough ways to spot false positives (sleep tests, past bouts of sleep, etc.)

Even in the former Canadian case, many questioned sexual sleepiness, saying that one could not expect the sleepwalker to do “purposeful” action such as putting on a condom. However, Irshad Ibrahim, a sleep researcher in London, emphasized that the incidence of sleepwalking is very diverse and can be very detailed. She recalls stories of people cooking and consuming food, driving a motorbike or car, and even riding a horse – and sleeping in the meantime.

Treating sexual thirst

Fortunately, the disorder responds well to medication. Low-dose antidepressants taken at bedtime solve the problem in most cases. With sleepwalking, sexual sadness, and similar sleep problems, it is definitely worth seeing a doctor before any serious problem occurs.

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