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Army alert to a general strike of truck drivers in England

The British Army was put on standby due to the national truck drivers’ strike scheduled for 23 August. During the five-day standby period, soldiers with a truck driver’s licence should be ready to perform their duties at the UK’s largest distribution centres, he writes Sunday on Sunday Based on your information a WSWS news site.

Soldiers will be housed in hotels if necessary and will work long hours to help resolve the crisis. They will be involved in distributing food and transporting other essential goods and medical supplies, write the the sun.

Press reports mentioned the military’s involvement by Boris Johnson’s Conservative government Rescript process Under the epidemiological legislation enacted as part of the operation, the Ministry of Defense recently described the operation as “the largest British peacetime military operation to date”.

It’s no small feat, the special task force called the COVID Support Force (CSF) can mobilize up to 23,000 people.

24 hours on a working day; 13-15 shift hours

However, the government’s response to the strike’s preparedness goes beyond the goal of securing the delivery of “vital goods and medical supplies”.

Truck drivers are planning a one-day strike to protest extended working hours, low wages and unbearable working conditions.

strike call HGV Drivers on Strike Facebook Group was formed in March It started, which has since been renamed Professional drivers protest groupto the United Kingdom. According to the strike preparation team, about 3,000 people will stay at home on the day of the strike.

The group’s mission is to “bring together professional UK drivers”, all those who want to make a difference. According to a statement issued by the group, they are protesting against low wages, general exploitation and degrading working conditions.

“We are the backbone of the economy,” the statement read. Without shipping, any country will fall to its knees in a few days. This is our strength. We have to come together and band together to try to change things.”

The truck drivers have compiled a list of claims demanding, among other things, a minimum wage of £15 an hour, a 45-hour work week and overtime pay. And they urge that companies that do not allow drivers to use the toilet be punished.

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Drivers expressed their anger on Facebook: “There is no shortage of drivers. There is a shortage of cheap drivers. There are 3.7 million drivers in the UK who do not take a truck because of long working hours, poor wages and lifestyles,” one wrote.

Another truck driver wrote, “Everyone treats you like you’re nobody and nobody cares. Same wages for 15 years. Companies force drivers to work under unusual loads; 24 hours a day; 13-15 shift hours; 1.5 hours travel To and from work… then only 5 hours left to sleep…”

In the UK recently In 1979, there was a similar movement. At the time, 1.7 million workers were on strike against a labor government led by James Callahan, which would have set a wage cap under pressure from the International Monetary Fund.

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