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Áron Molnár argues living with Róbert Puzsér

Áron Molnár argues living with Róbert Puzsér

Last week, Robert Boozer voiced his opinion on “I Call You Live,” which also features Áron Molnár’s song, on a show called Arbitrary Authoritative. The actor responded to this in a video in which he said, among other things, that he was very pleased to address them because they were talking about something very important, only because he thought that there was a lot of gossip, inaccuracies and useless criticism in what was said.

a Mail Oron Molnar asked broadcaster and Spirit FM to discuss face-to-face about the song, pre-selection and “how to encourage voting, pessimism versus optimism, or how we approach change.”

Once the date is agreed upon, Áron Molnár will be a guest on Arbitrary Authoritative on Thursdays at 5pm, where they can discuss issues raised live with Róbert Puzsér and co-host Oszkár Horváth. The broadcast will be available live on Budapest frequency 92.9 and on the website

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