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As an activist, he will help his colleague Sidney Van den Bosch

06 Sydney is now happy to overcome her fears and speak out about breast surgery / Kliszek Antal I

Communicative therapy, I admit it in all areas of life. Somewhere it was a relief to be able to tell my story to help others. It’s unbelievable how many positive comments I’ve received and how many people have gone to do shows because of me in such a short time! Sydney recalled, fearing that many would not understand why we had told her about this mentally and physically demanding period.

“At first I was afraid of the backlash and stigma, but I feel it was just a positive aspect of being brave and breaking taboos and daring to stand up in public.

The 26-year-old model knows such a decision may be almost out of the question for women at first, but would encourage anyone to find in their body a so-called BRCA gene mutation, a genetic defect inherited from their parents that increases the risk of developing cancer at a young age. Do not hesitate to move.

“I have received several messages that this genetic disease and disease is also present in their ancestors, and through my example they have realized that they can take this preventive intervention even at a young age. They also have the opportunity to do so in Hungary. It is important for anyone diagnosed with the problem to act in time. appropriate before the problem is actually addressed.

Sydney van den Bosch, who changed due to this diagnosis and surgery.

TV2 star drama: The Wheel of Fortune host took off her breasts

TV2 star drama: The Wheel of Fortune host took off her breasts

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It sounds cliched, but the truth is that if you are healthy, then everything is fine. If there was a problem, one would shout out all the stars from the sky just to solve the problem. I haven’t really planned yet for the long-term, but I realized it was worth fighting for long-term goals as well,” said the model, who wants to help those in a similar situation in the future and draw as many as possible for the importance of screening.

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