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As long as there is health, everything is – today is World Health Day

It started its operations on April 7, 1948. In the past two years, a World Health Organization It is the World Health Organization. Speaking of which, April 7 was World Health Day.

In the past two years, it has been COVID-19 Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the foundation’s guidelines had to be followed globally as well, as humanity had to fight the disease that took its toll in the first year and we didn’t really have the means to defend ourselves.

According to the elderly, “As long as you are healthy, everything is there”It really becomes understandable when we or our loved ones are threatened with a serious physical or mental illness, when anxiety, conflict and fear can overwhelm our daily lives.

The Hungarian healthcare You can hear good and bad about the operation of the system, everyone who has already encountered some disease that requires more in-depth research has experience: good and bad. Some people scold the system, and some can only say good things about the medical staff who take care of them. As a matter of fact, a good quality of life based on good health is important to all of us! In body and soul! Let’s take care of him, let’s do it for him!

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