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At the renewal meeting on October 14, MÚOSZ’s Department of Health and Lifestyle merged, and Gabriela Molnar was elected as its chairperson. The members of the Board of Directors are: Chapa Beatrix, Benda Judit and Eva Magyar.

The aim of the department’s activities is to focus on professional workshop work, thus helping to bring the specific topics of health and lifestyle into the communication space as quickly and honestly as possible, giving people the opportunity to find information and make choices.

From this point we can learn about the activities of the members of the department in the framework of regular workshops (monthly career club), and we start on professional discourses on current topics. Among other things, we would like to help the professional audience by inviting external young colleagues in the field of healthy communication and lifestyle and sharing the experiences of generations.

At these meetings, it is also possible for trusted and recognized professionals to present alternative approaches to health and lifestyle to department members – even with conflicting viewpoints.

We plan to regularly invite MÚOSZ members to events of broader professional interest, regardless of department membership.

Join the Museum’s Health Day (On November 25 Thursday 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm) We will organize an exchange of views on international and Hungarian experiences related to communicating the Covid pandemic with the participation of Hungarian experts working abroad – online. Tamás Barát is a reporter living in New York, a member of the department and Dr. Susan Hacker Jakos, a Hungarian physician at Montefiore Hospital in New York, talks about the situation in the United States. Department member Dr. Evan Bertalan introduces us to the situation in Austria. Non-administrative members interested in the subject are also welcome to attend this program.

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The 2022 Program events that are open to others will be announced soon.

We also welcome new members interested in our topics to join our department.

Contact by e-mail of the Department of Health and Lifestyle: [email protected]