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Aston Martin created a Red Bull-like car in Barcelona

The season started disappointingly for the Silverstone Guard, with the riders only managing 6 points in the first five races of the season, leaving Aston Martin only ninth in the constructors’ race. It has been known for some time that the fold is preparing for the Spanish Grand Prix with a more serious development package, and It basically takes a B car to the track.

Well, on Thursday, the first pictures of the redesigned AMR22 can be taken on a boxing street in Barcelona, ​​and the race car has been dramatically altered at first glance. It is especially attractive Modified side cabinet, which is a file Red Bull The RB18 shows a radical solution.

Stable Team Leader Mike Krake recently said: They expect a lot of developmentsbut exactly how the innovations will perform, we have to wait a little longer.

Interestingly, the stable, formerly known as Racing Point, came under heavy criticism in 2020 because of mercedes He came up with a eerily similar model to his car a year ago. Although the two stables have a serious technical partnership with each other, the team claims they were named Reverse design copies the world champion’s car from Mercedes.

It might be easy for Aston Martin to try a similar one now, but this time they’re trying to copy not a Mercedes but a well-formed Red Bull race car.

Even before the end of the race, Aston Martin Technical Director Andrew Green told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport that much depends on efficient side panels this year, and although Mercedes is currently struggling, their solution could be very effective – Copying, however, is not easy.

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“The goal is one for everyone: to get fresh air for the rear brakes and diffuser. If you do it right, you can generate good, efficient clamping force. There are basically two ways. Some people get air flowing from the top through the side tanks, and this is called draining. Others try,” the expert said. , like us, getting air out of the floorboard using undercut. If you look at Mercedes’ solution, the impression is that in theory, their solution is what delivers most of the air’s energy to critical points. Once the recoil is eliminated, it can be a very interesting ride that is What they do. However, copying is not an easy thing. To do this, castration must be built for this.”

Aston Martin doesn’t struggle much in secret with “Dolphinphenomenon, so with new developments, the main goal was to mitigate recoil. In addition, great emphasis has been placed on weight loss, as featured in the AMR22 . racing machine One of the most difficult areas in the current field.