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Aston Martin was surprised that Red Bull invented the same thing

The main theme of the Spanish Grand Prix outside the stadium was the restyled Aston Martin, some of its elements, most notably the side cabinet, are very similar to the Aston Martin Red Bull For the concept he’s used since the start of the season. The Energy Drink team has suspected a background offense ever since Many of their engineers had just left for Aston Martin over the winterand now An internal investigation is being conducted To see if, in addition to their own knowledge, they also took with them intellectual property of the team in the form of data or documents – this would be erratic.

According to Andrew Green, Aston Martin’s chief technical officer, the allegations of illegal copying by Red Bull are not stopped by the time factor alone, as team members named Dan Fallows started working at Silverstone just a few months ago. The design for this year’s car started much earlier.

“I don’t know what kind of allegations Red Bull is talking about, but I can tell you that we didn’t get any data from another team. The FIA ​​did a thorough investigation, examined data from the car development process, interviewed our design team and found that The development was completely independent” Green said.

“And as far as our new team members are concerned, the idea for this car was conceived in the middle of last year as part of a dual development trend, and most of the blueprints were already in place before anyone of our former employees at Red Bull appeared.”

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team leader like mike crack Green also stressed that Aston Martin had two directions for development for 2022, but the design with which he started the season did not prove effective, as its serious flaw stemmed from severe rebound, and Their team was last in the league this year. That’s why they switched to Barcelona for the other version.

“It was a huge surprise for us early in the season when Red Bull came up with a concept similar to what we had planned, but We are only strengthened in our belief that we have chosen evil as the first of two possible paths.” The expert explained.