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AstraZeneca: You need to know about the second vaccine

AstraZeneca: Have you already got your first vaccine? You need to know about the second vaccine

March 17, 2021 at 8:00 p.m.

AstraZeneca: Vaccination stops causing horror.  What about the second missing vaccine?  (Index image)

AstraZeneca: Vaccination stops causing horror. What about the second missing vaccine? (Index image)

Photo: Matthias Payne / DPA

The news came to many suddenly and unexpectedly – a temporary ban on vaccination of the active substance Astrogenogen It is currently the big topic of conversation in Germany and raises many questions from citizens.

Despite the great debate about the vaccine being made in the UK Astrogenogen More than 1.6 million people in Germany have already received an active vaccine. Some of them are worried now.

However, the number of cases of cerebral nerve thrombosis was found to be temporarily related AstrogenogenVaccines are scarce. As Health Minister Jens Spann emphasized, withholding vaccines is a “purely precautionary measure.”

What about the second vaccine if a person has only had the first vaccine so far? Astrogenogen Received? We answer the most important questions:

AstraZeneca: What will happen to your second vaccine appointment?

If you have not yet rejected your appointment for a second vaccine, it is because many vaccination centers are still waiting – the Astrogenega vaccine may be re-approved in a few days.

Until then, however, the following will apply in any case: “Vaccination appointments with Astrogeneka are currently canceled,” says the North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KVNO), for example, to this editorial board.


This Astrogenogen:

  • An international pharmaceutical company formed in 1999 by Swedish Astra AB and British Geneca plc
  • Today AstraZeneca is headquartered in Cambridge, England
  • Pascal has been the company’s CEO since 2012
  • Treatment areas for astrogenogen include cardiovascular and metabolic, oncological, respiratory, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, neurological diseases and infections.


However, since many second vaccinations will only take place in a few weeks, it is hoped that there will be more clarity about further use of the vaccine at that time.

AstraZeneca: How long can vaccine protection last without a second vaccine?

If your appointment for the second vaccination is to be canceled for the time being, you are sure to wonder if the long interval between the two vaccination appointments will affect the effect of the substance.

+++ EU pharmaceutical authority continues to support the estrogen vaccine +++

But already on February 1, 2021 someone showed up Oxford University StudyThe long interval between the two vaccines may even have a positive effect on the efficacy of AstraZeneca.

Thus, the first estrogen vaccine achieves 76% high efficacy within 22 days. This effect does not subside until the 90th day after the first vaccination.

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In order to provide as many people as possible with the first batch of immunity in the short term, Great Britain has set the dose of the second vaccine in its vaccination program only twelve weeks after the first vaccination.

AstraZeneca: If in doubt, can a second vaccine be given with another vaccine?

Experts on this issue are still divided.

According to KVNO, the combination of different vaccines is not clinically recommended. To obtain the desired vaccine protection, the first and second vaccinations should be carried out with the same vaccine.

However, the Federal Ministry of Health (PMG) writes on its website that it cannot give any more information. However, it is clear that one is already well protected by the first vaccine and there is no risk of missing the second vaccine.

PMG strongly advises that a second vaccination be carried out if the Astrogeneca vaccine is to be re-approved, as this increases safety many times over.

AstraZeneca: When will it be determined whether the vaccine will continue to be approved?

As Daily News The EU Commission hopes that the AstraZeneca vaccine can be re-vaccinated across Europe on Thursday (March 18).


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According to Health Commissioner Stella Kryakitis, the European Pharmaceuticals Association (EMA) will present a final assessment of the safety of the astrogenic vaccine.

Even after that Information from PMG, One has to wait for EMA reporting for more information.

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