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Astrogenogen-AS for U60: What Happens to the Second Vaccine?

Peelfeld has discontinued the corona vaccine with the Astrogenega vaccine for those under 60 years of age. But what about the second vaccine in Germany?

Peelfeld – Men and women under the age of 60 should often not get the corona vaccine Astrogenogen* Immunization should be done. A vaccine freeze occurred Tuesday evening (March 30) in the NRW city of Peelfeld, following cases related to cerebral nerve thrombosis in Germany.

Berlin, Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia have discontinued the corona vaccine with the controversial vaccine for those under 60 years of age. Shortly afterwards, the Standing Vaccine Commission (Stico) recommended the procedure to all Germans. Minister of Health Jens Spoon (CDU)* And Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) came in front of the cameras in the evening and announced at a joint press conference in Berlin that young people should be vaccinated only for AstraZeneca at their own risk.

Corona vaccine Astrogenogen
Origin University of Oxford (UK)
EU approval February 1, 2021

AstraZeneca: Another vaccine freeze in Bielefeld – Stico with new vaccine recommendation

The vaccine recommendation was changed to Stico AstraZeneca*, Cerebral nerve thromboses without blood platelets were detected in relation to vaccines with the active ingredient. According to Paul Ehrlich, the vaccine from a British-Swedish manufacturer was found to be “noticeable” shortly after the serum was administered. It was therefore decided to administer AstraZeneca only to those over 60 years of age.

Young people who want to continue using the active ingredient from the United Kingdom can get it even after consulting a doctor. Shortly after the Astronzeka vaccine freeze, Theodore Windhorst, medical director of the vaccination center in Bielefeld, spoke of a precautionary measure. Already in the afternoon we were in Independence City East Westphalia* Vaccinations for women under 55 are discontinued. Health expert Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has now called for a freeze on the U-55 vaccine in Germany., Risk seems to have increased *, reports. What you need to know about the astrogenic vaccine*, read at

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AstraZeneca: What will happen to the second vaccine in Germany?

In the struggle against it Corona virus* Angela Merkel and Jens Spann stressed in their joint press conference on Tuesday evening that Stico’s new recommendation was “a setback without question.” What will happen to the second vaccine in Germany? According to the decision of the Minister of Health, victims have two options: those who have already been vaccinated with the Astrogenene vaccine can also get the active ingredient with the second vaccine if desired. Federal Health Minister Jens Spann said: “With the younger generation, everyone can weigh in with a doctor to see if they should be vaccinated with astrogen.”

About 2.2 million people under the age of 60 in Germany have so far been vaccinated with serum. In a few cases so far there have been serious side effects. The risk of thrombosis as a side effect is “statistically low, but serious,” said Jens Spoon. Who agreed to another for the second vaccine Corona vaccines* I want to set, let’s do this. For example, The Corona vaccine from Biotech / Fischer*. In this context, Paul Earlich announced that studies on the tolerability of vaccines are already underway, but the results are not expected before June 2021.

There have been a number of deaths in Germany following the vaccination with the Astrogeneca vaccine.

© Fabio Ferrari / DPA

Nevertheless, the first recommendation should be by the end of April. The recommended interval between the first and second dose of AstraZeneca is twelve weeks. So there is not much time left. However, health experts say that even the first vaccine with AstraZeneca will provide good protection against the severe course of Govit-19. At Peelfeld, Radio Peelfeld reported that the victims would initially be vaccinated from the manufacturer, Biotech. (*msl24 And Offers offered IPPEN.MEDIA.)

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