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Astronomers discover a record 5 billion light-years away from space lasers

In a week in which both the farthest star and the furthest galaxy were announced, a record-breaking space phenomenon called “megamaser” was also revealed, specifically a powerful radio wave laser that is 1,000 times brighter than the Sun.

Recently astronomers noticed the most distant phenomenon, where the light comes from a distance of 5 billion light-years, or 58 thousand billion billion kilometers. In the letters of the Astrophysical Journal for publication The accepted results show that the radiation comes from a compressed gas, especially hydroxyl molecules consisting of a hydrogen and oxygen atom.

When stimulated by an active process, they emit light of a very specific wavelength, producing a laser-like signal.

Huge hydroxyl molecules are found in galaxies rich in gases bright in the infrared. These are the properties of galactic mergers, so the study of these giant galaxies opens up a new way to study the evolution of galaxies.

Read more on Science alert You can read about this phenomenon.

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