The professional commentator wrote that she was shocked and emotionally confused by what happened to Christian Eriksen.

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Europe is all about football for a month: a year behind schedule due to the pandemic, under somewhat changed circumstances, but here is the European Football Championship 2020. In addition, it is here that they play four matches in Budapest, and among the teams The 24 in the tournament there is also the Hungarian national team. Follow every moment and news of the Ibb series with the article series.

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Georgi Bognar spoke for the first time after the terrible sentences handed down against him during the Denmark-Finland match on Saturday.

Bucks began: “It also became clear to me that the emotional world of many people was hurt by expressing my opinion during the Denmark-Finland match.” Facebook page coach.

Having learned from several sources in the studio that the condition of the Danish national team Christian Eriksen was stable, I began to think about the professional aspects, ignoring the serious psychological impact of what happened. Because of the latter, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all sports fans and everyone else who misunderstood me and offended her feelings against my will. What happened to me was shocking, emotionally exhausting, which is why I wanted to urge an end to this meeting as soon as possible.”

– written by.

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Bognar went on to say that he wished we never had to go through such a situation again, and that “Christian, who is concerned about the world, should recover as soon as possible, as he has asked his teammates”.

Eriksen sustained a minor foot injury, but did not want to leave the match. When unconfirmed news started circulating that the player was conscious, Bognar started talking about “we’ve received all the good news” and then after UEFA decided not to immediately resume the match, the Bucks coach started to get angry. Talk about how a decision like this can take 5-10 minutes. “I don’t understand why it takes a quarter of an hour, inhabitants of Titus!”

He also said:

For me, it’s not Eriksen’s condition that worries me, but how someone can be so indecisive.”

Bognar also said he thought things were “overrated” in UEFA and that the Finnish goalkeeper should have enjoyed the match as he didn’t have much to defend in the first half.

We asked MTVA if Bognar would still be used as a professional commentator after what happened Saturday, but so far we haven’t received a response to our suggestion.

Message from Christian Eriksen Hospital

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The Danish footballer is in custody for further investigation.

To Cristiano Ronaldo Eriksen: Stay strong!


Gary Lineker, Didier Drogba and Jamie Carragher are also praying for the Danish midfielder, but Prince William has spoken too.