The luxury yacht Seagull MRD owned by László Szjjj and the private jet OE-LEM have “parked” near each other several times in 2020 and again this year. This year, another yacht, Lady MRD, made a frequent appearance as it also appeared on a private jet.

László Szjj’s new luxury yacht, Seagull MRD, travels the Mediterranean mainly along the coasts of Italy. His paths crisscrossed several times at popular resorts with the famous private jet from NER. In Naples, near Nice, and in Olbia, Sardinia, the two luxury cars have visited at the same time in recent weeks – She said Transparent, which also showed the summer routes of the OE-LEM and Seagull MRD.

The transparent At the end of July booksRegistered L&L Charter Ltd. , a Maltese offshore company close to the László Szjj government, last year launched a new luxury yacht, the 49.9-meter Seagull MRD, built in 2020 in Livorno, Benetti’s Italian factory, as well as the famous Lady MRD.

According to the investigation portal summary, Seagull MRD’s first voyage was to Malta, then to Italy, where he spent a few days in the port of Mergellina, a week in Sardinia in early September, and sailed to Cannes, France and then to St. Tropez, Cannes, then Antibes. On September 29, Seagull MRD went to Livorno and stayed there for half a year. The yacht then touched the following locations: Mergellina, Capri, Positano, Marina di Cassado, Castellammare di Stabia, Arechi, Ischia, Olbia, Bonifacio, Porto dell’Etna, Syracuse, Panarea, Punta Lingua, Salina, Lipari and Olbia.

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The OE-LEM registered luxury aircraft, which can be connected to the NER, was primarily flown last summer between Budapest and the Adriatic, and was on the Croatian coast several times at the same time with the Lady MRD yacht. The private plane also shifted to Zurich, Nice, Rijeka and Venice in the fall, and at the end of 2020 went to the Maldives, returning to Budapest in January of this year. He visited Croatia, Dubai and the Maldives again in February, and traveled to Dubai again in March.

The transparent He writes that in September 2020, OE-LEM happened three times in Nice and Seagull MRD in neighboring Cannes. And in June of this year, the luxury plane went to Naples only a few times when the yacht was in the port of Mergellina, or just Capri and Positano. In early July, the luxury yacht and plane met in Naples, and later in Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily.

Also the gate He said this weekThis year, Lady MRD has met the OE-LEM registered private jet at least six times.

Also last August transparent mentionedThat Péter Szijjártó with his family on a 7 billion fort superyacht, Lady MRD, on his 7 billion fort superyacht. OE-LEM for two years, for example He also took Viktor Urban to watch the match, but the Lőrinc Mészáros circuit has also used it several times. In August of this year His trips cost at least 33 million forints.

The luxury yacht sells for 6 billion HUF, which also traveled on board Lőrinc Mészáros


Lady Mrd can be bought four million euros cheaper than it was three years ago.

Szijjártó came up with Semjén's argument while explaining the luxury yacht

Wendish Juditat home

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto did not reveal who spent a week and a half on the luxury yacht of billionaire businessman Laszlo Adrian Sje. The minister pointed out the same thing as Zsolt Semjén, who had received a million catches as a gift at that time: this is part of his private life.