According to the latest known data, the Prime Minister does not keep Forint. However, within two weeks, with his latest asset announcement, he could click on the pests.

In his radio interview this morning, Viktor Orbán also spoke about why he is against the privatization of health care. Explain that the rich do not care what the system is like, but he who is not rich does not care Quebec:

“We are many Hungarians, and there are many who have little money,”

And they don’t really care how it works, because “privatizing the public health system means excluding low-income people from health care.”

The royal collection being collected for the first time is understandable, as there is an official paper stating that the Prime Minister will not save forints, at least According to the latest known facts. In addition, the house cash register has been empty for years, not only last year but also His announcement of the assets the previous year revealed this as well.

In an interview last May, Orban spoke of being exhausted by the coronavirus epidemic Living on wages and salaries, he ranked himself among them as well.

Many members of the Orbán family do a much better job than that. There is, for example, the father of the Prime Minister, who is not only a successful mining business owner, but also With two-storey aristocratic library, lobby, spiral staircaseIt also has an orangery, a chapel and a club the sixty majority, Which based on interior photos reflects the prime minister’s taste. The prime minister’s son-in-law, Istvan Tiburts, does not drive flat. last fall He moved to Marbella with his wife Rachel of Urban and their children. Where Tiborcz started More kneading your company empirebut that Nor did he give up his internal interests.

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