The Hungarian specialist is still envisioning his future in Germany.

“I want my name to be cleared in Germany, so that I will not be seen as xenophobic or anti-gay,” he said. Hintsto Petri Zolt.

Goalkeeper coach Hertha Berlin He was fired a week agoAfter an interview appeared with him on The Hungarian nationat. Of this migration, Petrie said, for example, that Europe has sunk so deeply morally, not understanding why Hungarian national football team goalkeeper Peter Goulakse and RB Leipzig defended gay, bisexual and other gender identities.

Zsolt Petry later at the same time claimed, a The Hungarian nation He inaccurately repeated what he had said about immigration and same-sex marriage in an interview, and his words were misinterpreted by the German press. It eventually led to a misunderstanding, he said.

“First of all, thank you very much back home to everyone who stood by me, it was really good. With the help of a media attorney, we chose this tactic, and now I’m backing a little bit to settle the matter,” HintsHe was the former goalkeeper coach of Herta.

There is an audio recording of the conversation

a The Hungarian nation Following Zsolt Petry’s words, he made a written decision, in which they also provided a portion of the interview that, according to the goalkeeper, was excluded from the conversation. The The Hungarian nation He also mentioned that they weren’t censoring the script, but they edited it, and they also had an audio recording of the conversation, but they didn’t want to make the transcript public for Zsolt Petry.

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