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At the end of September, Rosa Magdy, who is pregnant with triplets, retired

The singer who announced it recently He wears triplets under his heartHe wrote that he will retire soon, but he wants to finish his tour first Blake.

Magdy’s lipstick He has been to several concerts in the past few days, has performed in Fertőrákos, Paks and Szerencs, among others, and according to one of his fans, he had a terrible gig: “Majdi’s concert has been a huge experience so far, but the kids seem to have given her an extra energy that we haven’t seen before. If you can’t see your belly, you can still notice that you’re going through something really special because there’s joy and happiness on your face that’s barely shining. As for the concert, it is unbelievable how much strength and energy flowed from my glory, it hit a party so big.”

a Hints According to the singer and her team, almost seven announced concerts and three thousand kilometers of travel await her in the coming weeks. The last show is scheduled for September 25, after which Risa Magdy will go on stage next summer, almost half a year after the children are born.

Majdi’s lipstick 2019 at the Vault Festival. (Photo:án Nagy)

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