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At the request of dám Viktor Szalai, Orbán congratulates him in the locker room

The Historic English Auction After the match, National Sports managed to get to Viktor Orbán, who supported the Hungarian national team at Wolverhampton, moreover, he personally congratulated the team players after the match.

Sándor Csányi and Viktor Orbán immediately cheered (Photo: Károly Árvai)

“It’s very rare for me to go to the team’s locker room, the last time I did it after our 5-3 defeat in Holland. Viktor Urban told our newspaper. – Now, however, at the request of captain dám Szalai, I personally congratulated the members of the national team, the atmosphere in the Hungarian dressing room was indescribable. ”

The prime minister, if he can, travels to every match for the Hungarian national team, so he did this time and as founder of the fifteen-year-old Puskas Academy this year, he can be particularly proud of the goals of Roland Slay and Zulte Nagy. Of the four, Sly fired only two goals for the Englishmen in England, as Ferenc Puskas did in 6:3.

“The only question is what are we going to do for the rest of our lives.” – said Viktor Orban, who hinted in several interviews that Hungarian football, reconstructed during his reign, must break the peaks besieged by its great predecessors. Even if we can’t reach the World Cup final yet, the team’s legendary 6:3 and 7:1 victories are a historic 4-6 defeat against England, as the recent World Championship silver medalist, the former world champion, hasn’t. . We haven’t won in nearly a hundred years. This difference beat the home ground of anyone, the goal difference this time outnumbered the advantage of three goals in the match of the century 6:3.

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On the official Facebook page, with restraint, the Prime Minister, known for his love of football, wrote only the following: “You have to be humble now.”After cheering the team on the community front before the match: “Country with you! Hungarians go for it!”

This time, after the big victory, there were also politicians who did not necessarily have a say in football: Chancellor Gergeli Golias posted one laughing head, and Peter Harach, a calculated Christian Democrat, wrote about the game with extraordinary passion. Also added with some emojis. At the same time, Foreign Minister Peter Chijarto wrote in his usual candid style: They lied about our kids whistling, then our national anthem… Finally, we sang the national anthem at Wolverhampton after the match. Now everyone knows: it is not worth restricting us. ”

According to Tamás Deutsch “We have something to be humble about.”According to Justice Minister Judith Varga simply: “my Lord.”

As the President of the Republic, Katalin Novak, wrote the following on social media: “Tonight can’t end! Thank you boys!! “