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At the same time, the world’s major websites are paralyzed, with reports of a global disruption

A site called, which monitors access to web pages and services, has been reported as being inaccessible or down on a number of sites, including:

The common provider of the above web pages is a content provider (CDN) called Fastly, which transmits web page content (HTML pages, JavaScript files, images, and videos) over a large network and many servers and data centers.

The essence of Fastly is to provide large global sites and service providers with a network that provides faster access to their sites by not being able to access their content from a single server, but from multiple servers simultaneously. Thus, the selected page is loaded from the server closest to the specified user, so videos are downloaded faster, pages and images are loaded.

Matt Taylor, a Financial Times employee, wrote on Twitter that

Fastly is experiencing a massive downtime, resulting in error codes for Twitch, Pinterest, Reddit, Guardian and FT 503.

According to a CNBC report, there was also a problem with Fastly, the company is already struggling to solve the problem, and the availability of several sites has already been restored in the meantime. The shutdown did not affect all Fastly customers, and some sites were quickly restored.

According to, there have been a lot of reports of a bug with the Fastly service:

If other important details of the case emerge, we will update our article.

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