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Athletes marched on video player music

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, a year later than planned, this year’s Tokyo Olympics will be held, and the official opening was disrupted yesterday.

Indeed, it was a surprise that video player reviewers were excluded from the event, and fortunately the organizers were not disappointed: more than 11,000 Olympians marched to the background music of the upgraded Japanese Games.

Anyone who wants to watch the above show (or even watch it in its entirety), Nikkan Sports We recommend a menu that displays the following items in the background:

  • Dragon Quest – Introduction: Roto Theme
  • Final Fantasy – Triumph sensation
  • Tales from the series – Sly theme
  • Monster Hunter – Prove the Hero
  • Kingdom Hearts – Olympus Coliseum
  • Chrono Trigger – Frog Theme
  • Ace Combat – First Flight
  • Series Tales – Royal Capital
  • Monster Hunter – Wind of Departure
  • Chrono Trigger – Robo . Theme
  • Sonic the Hedgehog – Starlight District
  • Winning Eleven (PES) – eFootball’s Walking Theme
  • Final Fantasy – Main Theme
  • Fantasy Star Universe – Guardians
  • Kingdom Hearts – The Hero’s Uprising
  • Gradius (Nemesis) – 01 Act 1-1
  • NieR – Initiator
  • Epic Series – Makai Ginyu Poetry Saga Medley Series 2016
  • SoulCalibur – The brave new stage of history

By the way, for the closing event of the 2016 Olympic Games, Abe Shinzo, then Prime Minister of Japan arrived like marioTo herald the Tokyo Games, we can thus say that it has a precedent for the above.

Google has also approached the Olympics on the video game side, with the company coming up with the most intricate doodles yet for the sporting event. Search Tool is a game based on JRPGs went out, where we have to prove in different mini-games with the protagonist that we are the heroes of the host island. We even got a beautiful opening material animation from Studio 4°C.

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