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Athletics: Olympic level Cossack Luka, there will be in Tokyo

Luca Cusack, with a score of 12.81 seconds Fulfillment Olympic level at the 100m hurdles on Thursday at the Savona Athletics competition.


Luka Kozák became the sixth Hungarian athlete to arrive in Tokyo (Photo: Luca Kozák / Facebook)

With a score of 12.81, Luca Cusack won the 100-meter hurdles race in Savona, Italy, in the first international outdoor competition of the year, thereby achieving the Olympic level (12.84). The 24-year-old sprinter in DSC-SI is Anita Marton (weightlifting), Pence Hallas, Rika Juratz (two hammer throws), Xenia Krizan (seven trials), and Zeta Kakser (3000m hurdles), the sixth Hungarian proxy player in Tokyo .

“I was expecting a better indoor track season, but for the open field, we went for it so I had to complete the level in one of the first races so that we could quietly prepare for the Olympics after that and we could organize a calendar race that would be good for me – Luca Cusack told National Sports. – I’m fine with the Italian girl behind the race, Luminosa Bogliolo, and she invited me to this race because the track is fast and there are always headwinds. This result and the level of performance I really needed for my confidence, because I knew I could do it, I managed to run below par twice last year. “

The contestant says there are more things because this time his thoughts wandered a little and he didn’t focus all of his nerves on the race. He will return home from Savona on Friday, and on Sunday he will start again in the semi-finals of the team’s championship in Debrecen.

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The women’s checkpoint, 100 meters
KOZÁK LUCA 12.81 sec
2. Luminosa Bogliolo (Italian) 12.84
3. Elisa Maria de Lazaro 12.90.0000