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Attila Arba’s reaction to Giorgi Serhalmy’s criticism

Giorgi Sirhalmy He did a long interview To Alinda Veiszer, and the telex According to his article, the nation’s award-winning representative Kossuth and Balázs Béla said at one point in the conversation:

Attila Arba is said to be an actor. Then what am I? (…) If he tells me it is important, what am I? So I’m not important, so obviously

He said Giorgi Sirhalmy.

Attila Arba He didn’t leave much criticism, and a day later, on Sunday, he shared his thoughts in a long Facebook post.

I’ve never found it elegant when someone has to prove their results, for example in a Facebook post. It’s not even evidence, it’s just a reaction as I’ve been addressed. I don’t want to convince anyone that I’m an actor. For those who think so, thank those who don’t like it, keep reading and decide what you think

Attila Árpa begins his post, then, despite what was written in the introduction, begins to narrate what he put on the table as an actor.

Among other things, he describes that he has completed 3 years of acting training in Germany, starred in more than 40 films, has also been shown on stage, and is also linked to his IMDB website.

I’m sorry that Giorgi Serhalmy was disappointed. I agree that you do not consider me an actor. But even though he wasn’t aware of the above when he wanted to use me as a negative example, who knows for what reason. It doesn’t matter, I’ll always respect you, you’ve been a fan, me too, I’ll always be

he added Attila Arba, who said that it is not at all easy to answer the question of who is considered a representative.

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At the end of his post, he wrote that if Cserhalmi is still curious about how he’s performing as a “non-actor,” he can watch him at the Karinthy Theater on Monday night.

(Featured photo: Olajos Piroska, Smag; press room)

György Cserhalmi and Attila Árpa on nlc: