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Attila Jidovalvi recovering from cancer: “Now I am sure I will live!”

The Carthage Troupe has not been interrupted for 43 years Take the stage with the same membersThe band’s keyboard player has been struggling with incredibly serious health problems in recent years.

“I’m sure I’ll stay now”

After I went to bed, I was lying on the operating table a few days later. Thank God, everything went well! I would like to thank Dr. László Gopcsa, Chief Physician and Stem Cell Specialist and his team, but Professor György Szeifert and Dr. Andras Rosta too I might not be alive without them, so I owe them a debt of gratitude. I recently received my latest findings, and they are amazing so far I’m sure I’ll stay The mustache, which became a trademark at the time, said the musician, who also came out of chemotherapy. However, the mustache grew again, and Gidófalvy finally dared to recover in the medical sense 5 years after what happened: he was cured.

“I wonder what happened”

My operation period was very stressful for me Attila Gidófalvy started in Borsnak.
At once, everything that could attack my body attacked me. Fortunately, a stem cell transplant was performedAnd I think it’s important to note that I got my own. It also shows that everything that happens is my organization and My body is incredibly strongannounce the musicwho assured our newspaper that there is no need to worry about him as he is checked monthly and has become completely asymptomatic over the years.
It’s a miracle that happened to me. As much as I had difficulties at the beginning of the treatment, now it feels as if I have been born again. I’ll be 70 nowAnd I want to celebrate this with a big party that people are sure to hear before August. – Said one of the members of Carthage happily and positively, he will be able to see people on stage again on May 27.

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Photo: Laszlo Sulyuk

The return of the KGB

Attila Jidovalvi’s friend and colleague, Zoltan Zero Kiss, is looking forward to the return of his music, and believes this is a very important moment for them:
Gedo could not join yet due to the epidemic, because he could not risk it after being seriously ill. Now you can finally be here on stage with me again In the colors of the KGB (Kiss-Gidófalvy Band) Zero, the bassist of Carthage, told our magazine, who also spoke about the fact that the audience is looking forward to Attila.
I’ve been asked and said many times that it’s time for Gudovalfi to be with me on stage, and I think so. I can’t tell you how happy he isThat after two very difficult years, here’s another time when the two of us are playing music for merit. Carthage bass player added.

Photo: Laszlo Sulyuk