The Audi Quattro S1 E2 was one of the most iconic designs of the fiercest racing era of the 1980s. A four-wheel-drive beast that has stocked the speed stages of the World Rally Championship, in addition to its turbocharged five-cylinder engine, its exterior has earned respect.

It is a true legend, the true knowledge that Audi is fortunate to show to this day. Thus, one of the lots presented for HUF 790 million from the factory fleet was awarded for the acceleration competition.

Equipped with a 2.1-liter five-cylinder engine with 500 hp and 480 Nm of torque, Walt Rohrl drove himself and Stieg Blomkweiss himself, then used it for Audi development purposes to test the first PDK transmissions.

In contrast, it was the newest factory sports sedan, the Audi RS3. Its engine is also five-cylinder, but it can produce 2.5 horsepower and 400 horsepower. Its top speed is limited to 250 km/h by default, but it is also allowed to reach 290 km/h with the 280 or RS Dynamic package, which is also faster than the AMG models. Factory acceleration with the model-specific seven-speed dual-clutch transmission is 3.8 seconds.

The only question is, with its ’80s supremacy, lightweight body, and the latest racing technology, would you wear your gloves in a comfortable, luxurious, high-performance tracksuit?