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Aurelio Hajo started screaming on the program, embarrassing moments in the video (video)

Aurelio was not at the height of the situation when he spoke to Peter Haggai, he more than once raised his voice, but now he does it in vain, because his imprisonment is final.

Aurelio never made a bigger mistake in his life that he had to pay for. And for the biggest mistake of his life, he has to go to prison and not stay in prison for months, but for years.

There are a lot of them attacking him on social media for his style and actions, and they say he prefers to put his hands together so that he doesn’t have to sit down anymore. Not all of his reactions were appropriate, and he is already aware of this, but it is a pity to be so clever then, because one cannot change the past.

Only we can influence our future, which is what a media star, who is going through a difficult time, must learn. Prison is a completely different world, with different people and criminals living their lives in a different system than those out there.

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Aurelio gave another in-depth interview with Peter Hajo before he began his prison sentence and, as expected, raised his voice more than once. Nor was he sympathetic to viewers, who can watch the broadcast on LifeTV, closing in with Peter Hajji, the first episode of their entire new season from 10am on Friday night.

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