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Austria announced a landing ban, and French austerity measures for those coming from Great Britain

Tighter restrictions on British travel in France expected due to India French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said the UK would not be on the red list, but might have a category of cheese. “India is a huge problem and we will continue to have a high cost on this issue, working with the British authorities,” Le Drian said.

Calais Keketje – Great Britain BorderForres: Agence France-Presse / Samir El Doumi

In some parts of the UK, the Indian surge has become prevalent, with the number of cases increasing by 160% in a week. A large-scale testing campaign has been launched in some parts of Bolton, Bedford, and West London. Currently, British people traveling to France are required to submit a negative PCR test of at least 72 rnl, as well as a health declaration, and They should be isolated for ht days, as better PCR testing should be done. (Arrivals from Hungary also need to be tested, but there is no obligation to quarantine.)

In France and the United Kingdom, a system is in place to assess the level of infection in countries. Great Britain ranked France in the amber category, along with Hungary, Spain, and Germany, among others. This means we only dance the flight if necessary, there is a negative test required to board, we have to quarantine for ten days, we have to do a test on the second and eighth day.

The use of tracing by the French government includes a green card that certifies that its owner has contracted the disease, received a vaccine, or tested negative. With the card, you can also visit sporting events, festivals and theme parks. In the UK, the NHS uses a similar app.

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Austria reimposes landing ban

Austria will impose a re-landing ban on aircraft from Great Britain from June 1 due to the spread of the Indian coronavirus in the archipelago. In addition, Austria has also declared the UK a “viral mutation zone”, which means that, as in the case of Brazil, India and the Republic of South Africa, entry into the country can only be done under very strict conditions. In principle, only Austrian citizens working in Austria and residing in Austria can enter, but they cannot pass a negative PCR test, which is required for both vaccinated people and patients. In other cases, the quarantine obligation remains in effect.

A landing ban has been in place since January for flights from Brazil and the Republic of South Africa, and India has been on this list since April. In the case of the United Kingdom, the ban on landing on aircraft was in effect once from December to March, then due to British Vrusmutci, but was lifted on March 21. This ban has been reinstated since June due to Indian mutzia, which is considered contagious.

In Austria, 398 people have been confirmed infected in the past 24 years, and 642,138 positive cases were recorded at the beginning of the year. There are currently 384 people in hospital and 218 in need of intensive care. As a result of the disease caused by infection (Covid-19), 4 people died the previous day, bringing the number of hearing victims to 10,551. The number of people infected with the disease reached 624,549 people.

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