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Avian influenza has re-emerged in Pax-Kiskun County

The laboratory of the National Office for Food Chain Safety (Nébih) has again confirmed the presence of the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus in Bács-Kiskun County. And the agency said on its website, Thursday, that the infection reached a fattening farm of about 3,500 individuals this time, where the herd has already been eliminated on suspicion.

In a flock of about 3,500 fattening geese in Kiskonmagsa, Pax-Kiskun County, increased mortality and nervous system symptoms drew the guard’s attention to suspected bird flu. Nabih’s laboratory confirmed the presence of a subtype of H5N1 virus in the herd.

Veterinarians have already exterminated the herd on suspicion. Contacts and stocks within a radius of 3 km will also be eliminated to prevent the spread of the epidemic. Experts set a 3 km radius protection zone around the respective farm and a 10 km radius monitoring area. Further investigations were carried out in these areas, and restrictions on disease control and animal movement came into effect. The case was notified by the national veterinarian to the partner countries.

Nabih again draws strong attention to the responsibility of animal breeders to protect the herds. Strict adherence to disease control regulations is of paramount importance across the country, while keeping poultry flocks closed in high-risk areas of Hungary remains mandatory. In addition, mandatory pre-shipment inspections are still in place, the agency confirmed.


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