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Awareness is also important in helping people with diabetes

The Minister Without Portfolio told families at a professional conference in Budapest on Friday that social concern for diabetics is as important as the combination of profession and politics, where the efforts of science and politics must always be at the service of life. .

Katalin Novak said at the symposium of the Federation of Hungarian Medical Corporations and Societies related to World Diabetes Day, Politics and science have been able to converge in the treatment of diabetes.The discovery of insulin a hundred years ago was a milestone in treating those suffering from this disease, and politics has also recognized that sport, health and education can work together to help families.

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The minister without portfolio said that about four thousand children in Hungary suffer from type 1 diabetes, and they and their families are receiving more and more help from the government to learn, exercise and go into society in the same way as their healthy peers. Among the measures, he mentioned that modern insulin pumps get a 98% Social Security subsidy, patients can also get a tissue glucose sensor as private support and, if justified, a parent entitled to a home. care fee.
Katalin Novak reminded that from this school year, public education institutions should organize care for children with diabetes during school hours, as those who help care for children will receive additional support.

Additionally, regulations were introduced in public restaurants to help care for these children and support their camping at either Diabetes Camps or Elizabeth Camps. They helped 2300 children camp this year

Katalin Novak said.
The politician added it Last year and this year, NGOs that support children with diabetes were provided with 100-100 million HUF through tenders, Diabetes centers in the country received a subsidy of 1 billion HUF.
He noted that a short social film was produced on this topic to help with education. The film highlights the importance of caring for each other.

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