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Balázs Fecó’s recent request has been fulfilled

Choral drummer Peter Duruzmay said he had successfully fulfilled the recent request of his friend and fellow musician, Palaz Fico.

Peter Duruzmay remembers Balázs Feco, who passed away last November, on the M5 Libretto program. The drummer of the choral ensemble revealed that he managed to fulfill the final request of his friend and fellow musician, and finished with the double CD release titled Our Most Beautiful Songs.

Balázs Fecó on stageSource: MTI / János Marjai

“We were working on an album that was originally going to be appearing with the Top Ten Choralis since 2018, but Fecó’s new and fresh ideas finally made it a double CD. Work was in full swing when he got sick and got into hospital. I called and asked to see if I could help him with it. Anything. He said don’t worry about anything, just keep recording his life, “recalls Doruzmay.

Although Balázs Fecó can no longer sing all the songs, thanks to his fellow musicians, Nika, Biga and Tamás Kontor, these few compositions were also included in the album. According to Duruzmay, listening to rock-like songs adorned with symphonic rhythms is a wonderful feeling. The whole conversation You can look back here.

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