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Balázs Orbán: Ordinary people are highly appreciated

Ordinary people are able to make the right decisions, they have good judgment, but the decision-making process is with collective participation,”Which we can safely call a democracy“It has not always been seen as the right model for government,” the parliamentary and strategic foreign minister told the prime minister on Wednesday.

Balázs Orbán spoke at the conference entitled Quantitative Methods in Governance, partly in English, co-organized by Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC), Center for Economic and Regional Research and Századvég Konjunktúrakutató Zrt.

The foreign minister, who is also the chair of the MCC Board of Trustees, said there are two opposing positions. According to one, people are able to make right decisions, while according to the other, judgment without experience leads to chaos and collapse.

In order to resolve the contradiction in Hungary in the twenty-first century, it can be said that every day we have to work to find the right balance between the two perceptions – said Palaz Urban.

He said.

In the meantime, we must not forget that governance is not possible without hard science, experience, quality assurance institutions, basic knowledge and preparedness. The task of political actors isEnsuring transit and cooperation between worlds on a daily basisThe Secretary of State said Wednesday’s conference is just looking for an answer to how politics and science can work together to advance society’s success.

It is not the job of governments today to succumb to the collapse of globalization. On the contrary, he said, they should play an active role in protecting people’s lives, security and rights. He added: To remain democrats, try to fit in with the people, not supranational institutions.

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Quantitative methods used in behavioral sciences, networks, or game theory are essential to good judgment. Palaz Urban emphasized that they are examining what a person looks like, not what they should turn into.

Representatives of the above disciplines are exploring ways to improve the quality of public services. He argued that quantitative theories not only weaken democracy but also clearly strengthen democracy.

In contrast, some believe that he should be judged not in the name of the people but in the name of something else of a higher rank. “The legend of expert government“According to the irrational masses who are not able to represent their own interests, the state must educate them and teach them to act appropriately,” the foreign minister said.

– Tell.

He believed that it had become clear that the technocratic course was wrong, because if the arrogance of experts took over, democratic accountability would cease. The consequences are too dire, Balázs Orbán said, so Hungary is not following this trend.

According to the government, the state should represent the interests and judgments of the people. He stressed that the Council of Ministers believes in the wisdom of citizens and the truth of collective knowledge.

The conference will look for answers on how to direct scientific knowledge to the government field that will improve the quality of services. And the data-driven theories all help, the secretary of state said.