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Bald false holes prove Einstein’s general theory of relativity

A new physical breakthrough shows that Einstein’s general theory of relativity is still correct, even for bald black holes.

Black holes are those regions of spacetime where the gravitational pull is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape, so the black hole pulls it in and eats it. by Einstein. His theory of relativity predicted the existence of black holes and no matter what eats such an object, black holes are distinguished only by their mass, vortex and electric charge. Astrophysicists refer to it as a “no hair” element.

But there is a long-standing problem with this element: the magnetic field. In order for the hair element to remain inactive, the food would not have to change the basic properties of the black hole. But while black holes can be born with strong magnetic fields, magnetic fields can also fatten them by eating certain materials and plasma clouds can maintain these magnetic fields around the black hole.

Physicists studied these problems by simulating a black hole surrounded by plasma with a supercomputer. In this study, they find that even when black holes retain magnetic fields, there is no hair theory, and Einstein’s theory remains true.

“Irrational conjecture is the cornerstone of general relativity. If a black hole has a long-lasting magnetic field, conjecture that there is no hair is damaged. Fortunately, plasma physics has come up with a solution that has not saved any hair guesses.”

says Bart Rebeda, a researcher at the Center for Computational Astrophysics (CCA) of the Flatiron Institute in New York and Princeton University.

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Visualization of a black hole simulation, shown in green by the magnetic force lines of cleavage and consolidation with pockets of plasma (green circles in the middle).Source:

In their simulations, the researchers found that magnetic fields around black holes can form. In their simulations, they showed that the magnetic lines of force around the black hole rapidly separate and combine. This phenomenon creates pockets of plasma energized by the magnetic field that either explode and be ejected into space or be devoured by the black hole.

“Theorists don’t think about it because they usually put their black holes in a vacuum. But in real life, there is often plasma, and plasmas are able to maintain and import magnetic fields. And that should match the conjecture that there is no hair.”

However, what really saved the no-hair component is that scientists found that this process depletes the magnetic field fairly quickly until it disappears completely.