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Bama – There is nothing more precious than neglecting health

László Domokos, president of the SAO, spoke about the serious social and economic consequences of the pandemic and how people’s financial opportunities relate to their health. This is why SAO believes that in addition to enhancing people’s financial awareness, there is also a need to improve their health awareness, he emphasized.

he added: They want to help the public with reliable information so they can make decisions that protect their health without compromising their financial security.

In collaboration with Semmelweis University, I also like to promote financial and health awareness of families in areas such as food efficiency and healthy eating. To this end, they are developing an elective at the university, to help graduates set an example through their health and financial awareness. Through this topic, future health professionals can learn not only about public finance and finance, but also about the expertise based on SAO audits, with which they can assist in the effective use of public assets as a responsible employee and manager, Laszlo Domukus.

In their opinion, serious public education in health and financial awareness is needed, said Bella Merkley, the university’s dean. Neglecting health is the most valuable thing, and prevention is neither the cheapest nor the most beneficial He said.

He added that the expected time in health depends largely on how aware people are of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle and how well they know the origins of the disease, so the focus of research at the university is on disease prevention.

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