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Battlefield 2042 beta: Despite its flaws, it’s promising

although Battlefield 2042 The beta version has proven to be successful, so some users have experienced technical issues. It doesn’t have the latest in-game visual improvements yet, but it will have a premiere with it as well.

The Battlefield 2042 open beta who Until October 9 It lasts and allows us to experience the first moments of the next part of the franchise before the official release in November. Although first impressions were that the game proved to be a success, some players did experience technical issues with the game.

a Dice He reacted quickly to this and mentioned that there are visual improvements that cannot be offered in the beta version. In other words, the developer is aware of these issues and actually fixes them so that they can provide a decent experience by the day they are released.

Oscar Gabrielson, CEO of DICE was the person who on Twitter Reassure the community through. He said they’ve been working hard in recent weeks, even if there are a few factors that didn’t go into the open beta: “We’ve made amazing progress in recent months, including visual and stability improvements not yet in open beta.”

However, this does not mean that the project is behind schedule, in fact, they are moving at a high pace to polish Battlefield 2042 to the best of their ability, we quote: “And we want you to know that in these final weeks before release, we’re already at our best and very focused on providing a great experience when Early Access begins on November 12!”.

A Battlefield 2042 Nov 19-i, On PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series Only a few weeks left to its release, and it brought new features like New community measures to reduce poisoningand Xbox and Playstation package via gen, which allows users to update their console.

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Source: Twitter