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Battlefield 6 preview has been leaked

Photos and videos confirm that they are truly leaving the era of WWII.

In the context of the Battlefield series, we recently informed that the franchise will be available on mobile devices for the foreseeable future, but it was previously suggested that the next family member should return to the modern era with permission from the developers. Now some parts of the trailer have leaked, on the basis of which the last news was well established.

In mid-May some interesting Still image It appeared on the World Wide Web, and more specifically on one of the most popular photo sharing sites. While some featured a large (and somewhat confusing) watermark, there are clearly modern devices in the background, not to mention buildings that also show a modern feel. Shortly before that, a shorter video was posted on TikTok that allegedly mixes the official trailer (or its current version) with scenes from real life, in which we can also filter out today’s world, perhaps a somewhat futuristic environment that we’ll get to know you in the game itself.

Of course, there is no guarantee at the moment that a video that has since been removed (or marked as private) will actually display portions of the upcoming trailer, especially since this does not match the pre-release preview, at least partially) with material. Different. However, regarding Battlefield and Call of Duty, Tom Henderson, who has proven time and time again that he is reliable, In the entry He points out that according to him, we have already managed to take a look at about 80 percent of the actual previews in recent weeks, so the picture is still very mixed, so we’ll have to wait for the company’s official announcements.

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According to people who find themselves well informed, the authorities will pull the veil out of the new game sometime in June, which we will also report on.