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Bayraktar orders drones from the Ukrainian command, deputy commander of the Azov defense unit of Mariupol

Mariupol on the Azov Sea is currently witnessing the most brutal fighting in Ukraine. The Russian army considers the revenue of a city with a population of half a million cities a matter of prestige, because it is mainly protected by soldiers of the Azov regiments and the walls of the extremists. We wrote more in this article. Mariupol’s military role is also prominent, and if it was occupied, the Russians would have free access along the sea to the Crimea.

Accordingly, the besiegers use all means against the defenders of the city and the population, they also regularly shoot at civilian targets, and they bombard the maternity hospital No. 3 here, his photos traveled all over the world press. The siege of Mariupol lasted for about two weeks, as a result of which there was no more electricity, no gas, no water, and no food.

The exact number of those who stayed here is contradictory, but it seems to be the fact that the Azov and the janitors who merged into the Ukrainian armed forces continue to preserve the city center. However, based on the Vice Commander’s message, they might be in an increasingly difficult situation.

The man in the video says that despite their resolute defense, the “enemy horde” continues to invade, fighting hard on every street and house. Aviation bombed the city, while artillery shelled residential neighborhoods.

The deputy commander called on the Ukrainian military-political leadership to assist in the evacuation of civilians to the non-occupied areas of the country.

“We hear that modern devices, including Bayraktar drones, are used in defense throughout the country. Take them in our ranks, attack the enemy from behind,” says the soldier, then adds, “We will not surrender. Let us launch the decisive attack and destroy the enemy.”

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