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Beach slippers, Macy’s, Grass “with the smell of a cup” – Sparkling Elvis

In the presence of more than ten thousand spectators, Dani Alves of Camp Noban signed an agreement with FC Barcelona until the end of the season on Wednesday. The 38-year-old club legend appeared in beach sandals at a press event marking his contract, where he spoke about the circumstances of his ‘return’ as well as Lionel Messi.


We can also be sure: Dani Alves loves FC Barcelona (Image: AFP)

“Smells like trophies” mutter Dani Alves, After he lifted a piece of grass that tore it from the meadow of the Camp Nou to his nose.

And do it all barefoot! The 38-year-old Brazilian appeared wearing beach sandals in his presentation, just as he did in 2008 when he first qualified for Barcelona. He still arrives at the Camp Nou offices in the same boots before signing his contract. The only difference is that we were in the middle of summer, when today (Wednesday) 12 degrees were measured in the city of Catalonia …

“I know what people think outside the club. ‘Look at Barcelona, ​​two 38-year-olds have been approved.’ But calm down, calm down… I’ve always been the best when people questioned me.” He said Elvis on FC FC channel. – I don’t know if I can tell this story, but I will tell you. I press the president every day to bring him back to the club. I know I can help the team, I play “for free”, but of course I still have my doubts. I told him that young players need me, I can explain to them what it means to play football in Barcelona.”

“Once the president told me, Xavi would be the new coach. By that time I knew I would be back. Xavi knows me and knows who I am and what I can offer the team. Then a few days later he called me and told me the club was ready to sign him. I trust Laporta, he’s the best president I played under him. I only came back to help, for nothing else. I love this club, there is no other place like Barcelona” Alves rounded out the story, who will be in the 8th jersey from January.

The children, Dani Alves, gladly entered the Nou camp laundry

Danny Alvest was also asked at a press conference after her presentation about Lionel Messi, whom she called the best player in football history, and commented hilariously: “If you give me a few hours, I’ll go get it.”

The Brazilian player previously played football for Barcelona between 2008 and 2016, winning six league titles and three Champions League titles, among others. During that time, he scored a total of 21 goals in 391 matches and provided 101 assists in the blue. He also appeared in Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain after that. He left his last band, São Paulo, in September and has been able to stay free since signing with Barcelona. According to some Spanish media reports, Alves will receive the least number of first-team players for Barcelona, ​​but a certain reward may reach the goal if certain conditions are met.

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