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Because everyone needs a little movement – the Benedictines demand physical fitness and spiritual exercise | Hungarian Post

Well-being is the experience of health, happiness, development and the primary spiritual attitude that my life carries, I have a purpose in life, and I am able to handle the stress of everyday life. The joint maintenance of body and soul is essential to their existence.

The pandemic has put us all to the test, both physically and mentally. In everyday life we ​​are accustomed to intense movement, in digital education we sit for hours in front of a machine, due to epidemic restrictions, our room for maneuvering has narrowed. According to one study, Hungarian men are on average three kilograms heavier than they were before the outbreak of the epidemic.

Spiritual Fitness Workout wants to help integrate exercise into our lives and return to it.

“Beginning is difficult, many need the first stroke. It can give you the motivation to start in the summer, in the beautiful surroundings of Bannonhalma, in spiritual practice, in the company of brothers and friends, to strengthen the skills of conscious exercise and spiritual life,” said Benedictine monk Konrad Dijkseks, educator. Director Bannonhalma Arshaby.Fitness is a spiritual exercise.

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Author: Eva Trautwein


Photo: Attila Lambert

Hungarian Post

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