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Because of his homophobic remarks, an artist was fired from the Lollapalooza Festival

It was removed from the Lollapalooza program, one of the largest music festivals in the world dababy American rapper. DaBaby was supposed to perform at the festival on Sunday, but the organizers announced in a Twitter announcement that two other artists would be giving a concert instead. “Lollapalooza is built on diversity, acceptance, respect and love. With that in mind, DaBaby will not perform tonight,” they wrote.

The reason for the decision was that the rapper shouted to the audience a week ago, at a concert in Chicago between two songs:

Let anyone who has not come here with AIDS or HIV infection, or any other sexually transmitted disease and who will die in two to three weeks, light their phone!

a diverse He reportedly made other exclusionary remarks about AIDS patients and gays afterward. Dababi has also distanced himself from the news, so he is a contributor to one of his songs, Dua Lipa, And Elton John. Since then, another gig of him has been canceled or his current advertising contract has been terminated.

DaBaby wrote on Twitter that his comments were really insensitive, but also misinterpreted. “I’m sorry for being me,” he added, but critics say it doesn’t seem like a sincere enough apology.

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