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Become a human developer in a long standing harassment case

The French name Quantic Dream is synonymous with high-quality, story-centered adventure games, such as Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain or Detroit: Become Human, and tells serious and complex stories in an interactive format. However, the studio, led by David Cage, became infamous a few years ago over a scandal: managers reportedly insulted or harassed their employees with obscene images. An investigation has also been opened into the case, and a former employee even filed a lawsuit against Cages for some compensation. As the Paris Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the Quantique Dream this week, the studio’s acting sounded angry for a longer period. Defense statement.

Although a lawsuit was filed against Quantic, she sued French newspapers (Le Monde, Canard PC, and Mediapart) that published articles on the studio’s toxic culture: these writings are considered defamatory by David Cages and, as the appeals court said, do not prevail. . The unfortunate circumstances in QD, did not discriminate against any employees, and the directors took necessary action against the aforementioned obscene images and their creators. The court also rejected the (ex) employees’ claims and they have to pay Quantic Dream. The report assessed the situation as an attempt by some former workers to benefit from a one-time accident.

In writing Quantic Dream, we can also read that many current and former employees stood by the studio and denied that any toxic atmosphere reigned within the team. A QD spokesperson said few people have worked to create an artificial scandal, for example, 10,000 tweets per day from an account attacking workers who stand out from their jobs, making the studio appear on Google’s search engine.

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The letter also indicates that an official external judicial body was investigated and found no problem, and that the company was subject to a tax audit and there were no problems in this area. Internal surveys show that not only do employees feel bad at work, they are strongly associated with it, their projects, and the values ​​they represent. Moreover, even journalists from three independent media outlets examined the studio ambiance in 2020, but reports from current and former employees also produced the exact opposite result of the 2018 reports.

Since the unfounded allegations were made public, they caused massive damage to the studio, which is why the announcement was made. “Quantic Dream reaffirms that it faithfully embraces the values ​​that the studio has always upheld in everyday practice and which are reflected in its games, including humanity, openness and the right of the individual to express himself freely. We will continue to strive to maintain them with the same passion and dedication that we have maintained thus far. Quantic Dream continues to work with its employees for a good ergonomics, which is a prerequisite for professional and personal development and everyone’s satisfaction. ”- Studio Representative Shut Down Advertising.

It’s official now: Quantic Dream, President David Cage, and Managing Director Guillaume de Fondaumière are innocent and the harassment and other charges are unfounded.