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Before us are more terrible things than a three-meter-long vampire

For the quarter-century horror saga, Resident Evil finally reaches its numbered eighth chapter, which is baptized in the village. Once again, we can hide in the skin of Ethan Winters, who has gone through the horrors of Part Seven, this time in Eastern Europe, mingling with a major recession as he investigates his missing child. In keeping with the spirit of the place, we will then meet werewolves, vampires and even an alien sect, so there will be no shortage of horror. And with only two good weeks left until its launch, the marketing mechanism is also pushing through at high speeds for understandable reasons. We’ve spotted amazing presentations, playable visual presentations, and our calendar presentations in recent weeks, and what’s more, on Sundays, adventurers can expand on another limited-time demo.

We can’t complain either, because thanks to Capcom and the local distributor of the game, Cenega Hungary, we have a video of many hours of gameplay, which accompanies us on Ethan Winters’ horrific journey through the cursed village to the castle of the Dimitrisko dynasty. During the long hour, we were able to see a lot of interesting scenes and also discovered a couple of solutions to the game mechanics, which we want to tell you about in the article below.

However, before we get into the topic, it’s important to note that the presentation is inherently mild with spoilers. Of course, we do not reveal the twists and turns of the story, nor do we want to reveal the solutions to the various puzzles. At the same time, it will be about locations, opponents, and one or two game mechanism. So, if you consider yourself a player who loves to throw himself into the game without any prior knowledge, please don’t read on! We wish everyone good fun!

What is very certain is that the show does not bother setting up theatrical accessories for the genre. From the very first moments, we see Ethan stumbling, bruised and tired, in a frozen night forest after a car crash. The ocean of a forgotten hunting lodge is slowly unfolding from the woods, and its dark, swollen windows are perhaps even more threatening than the forest itself. Inside, only passers-by awaits us, and we, once in possession of a good ear, are once again aware of the good work that Capcom’s sound engineers have done. The house buzzes: Something is writhing under the floorboards, somewhere as if the door is closing, and we are already nervous in our chairs as passive observers. When Ethan comes downstairs – why not, right – it quickly becomes apparent that the mechanics are back, and after a thorough examination of things we can get information, maybe other things, and that’s worth keeping in mind throughout the tour.

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But then, an incorruptible explosion lured our hero to the roof again, and Ethan, after the noise, found a large hole in the back wall of the house, through which he quickly reached a ramp. Dawn has already come, so you have a good view of the map floating in the fog below, most likely the village stadium. Below, a dark village spreads, not far from it, the blades of an ancient windmill rotate, and in the distance, the castle, covered in a hut of fog, acts as a dark sentinel.

This is the intro video that perfectly captures the horrors that lie ahead. And while the game itself, like the iconic fourth installment, often takes place on a bright day, wandering through the dilapidated homes and their blood-smelling depths is no more fun than the swamp mansion in Part Seven, for example. . And if anyone worried that the village would appear unassuming and bleak after the Rococo-adorned castle in the Maiden Show, now they can be reassured: the rotting homes are designed with absolutely unimaginable detail. Anyone lived here once. The interiors, respectively, evoke a theatrical scene of horrific horrors like the House of 1000 Dead, as every corner, every room, tells about something terrible.

Of course, the villagers know we are here and we have very little chance of us drowning. They pursue us, and out of fear of this, exploring the village becomes a real stomach. Of course, as before, we will have a weapon. From the extra spring knife (and this time indestructible) to the pistol to the rifle, we’ll be able to do a lot of work, but our ammo stocks are pretty limited, even if we can supply ourselves with gunpowder and chemicals here and there.

Locals infected with lycanthropia correctly order ammunition, and are unlikely to walk away from a single shot. As in the previous part, we can weaken the power of their attacks with our hands, and even this time we can hold off our opponents, but we can even counter them with a good blow. However, as locals hunt the flocks, the clever survivor will try to take them down one by one, or else the force will be dispersed – and there is no doubt that the living dead will stumble and stumble in the slow waves. The werewolves in the village are agile and tough, and they are happy to besiege even the house if they can reach us that way. And in a later report, we also realize that there is a whole dangerous hierarchy behind them: cavalry officers, for example, place human corpses on their saddles as flags and there is a gigantic individual among them who crushes every obstacle they encounter. The road with the hammer. We meet him during a major siege of a house, and at the end of it all that can be saved from certain death is that the mysterious bell addresses monsters. The meaning of the bell was not disclosed and who will be sounding in the presentation.

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Of course we won’t just fight, the village is full of mystery and history. The names of two women appear on the lips of the locals, respectively: Sister Miranda speaks most often in the villagers’ frustrated prayers, while Louisa is said to be able to provide shelter and possibly answers to Ethan. But the large and different parts of the village can only be reached by solving puzzles or finding detours, so there will be a lot to explore. We will have the world map drawn and outline where we can find it, but we will also have many detailed maps, colored depending on the extent of the discovery, which can be found in all the different locations. Ethan also keeps a diary in which he records events and transcribes countless verses, texts, prayers, and riddles that he finds while he wanders.

Upon watching the video, we were pleased to see that the Village has a much larger staff than Part Seven, so Ethan’s journey is colored by many personal stories and individual tragedies. Louisa, who gathers refugees, the girl protecting her injured father, or the foolish old woman who walks through the cemetery with a stick in the shape of a skull while fulfilling terrifying prophecies under her nose, are just a few of us lucky enough to know them. Hours of video. We can expect much more of the cast, which holds the promise of a deeper narrative. I point out that in the recording we are watching, our hero finally arrives at Louisa’s house in time, as horrific events take place after that, but to keep the poll fun, we prefer not to talk about it in more detail now.

As we travel, in addition to maps, ammunition, rescue machines, typewriters, and notes, we also find a number of essential items. A handful of stone seals, for example, are believed to open massive gates to the castle. As a result, it turns out that the game will finally someday put the puzzle-solving objects in a separate tab, so that not all kinds of keys and statues take up precious space with weapons, ammo, and green herb remedies. Part 4 treasures will also return (you’ll be on a fourth ear after the backpack, production, and basic gadgets), which will be found in tree cages, or among the tapering carvings of carvings, or in the depths of filth. That can be turned into a Roman quail at Duke Travel Cart. Here we will be able to purchase ammunition, weapon upgrades, and other interesting treasures.

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Back in action, during the video, he encounters Ethan Heisenberg, a vagabond in a hat and glasses who is seen many times in the shows, and who then takes him to the terrible council. We were really shocked to see how many wicked worshipers had a much larger population than previous demonstrations had suggested. With your permission to avoid spoilers, we will not go into the details of the council now, let it be enough that each member of the congregation apparently controls a part of the countryside, giving a special flavor to those areas. In any case, we are curious to know the horror that the terrible lords will present in the area.

Later, with the two seals, our hero will finally reach the castle, which players trying to try out Maiden demo can welcome them as old acquaintances. The castle’s carved splendor is a drastic change from the rotting village, but the gigantic Lady Demystrisco and her bloodthirsty daughters, turned into a cloud of insects, were no more hostesses than the Leicantropic villagers, and the castle lanes. After a lot of puzzles and explorations, Ethan finds an ancient secret about how to crush a giant, seemingly invincible vampire who will walk behind us in long strides like the enemy of the third installment. But we cannot talk about the nature of the solution, and we will not do that in order to preserve the joy of modernity. It is better for everyone to know the secrets themselves. The point is that the video ends with the start of a final clash, and we know very well that this is just a prelude to the many new horror that we will have to discover ourselves.

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The profound vibe of the village is undeniable, even if it evokes the aesthetics of Part Four in both its surroundings and gameplay. At the same time, meticulously designed locations, stunningly spooky sounds, strange creatures in their familiarity, noticeably larger stadium, sophisticated and well-polished gameplay mechanics hold the promise of real and fun excitement – not to mention Capcom, they’ve tried to dream up a new generation on our screen. In any case, we shouldn’t be drinking ahead on bear skin, because the look in early May isn’t too far away, and we’ll share our final verdict with you before that.

Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7, 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, and Google Stadia platforms.