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Belarus accuses Poland of attacking its border guards with metal bullets fired from a slingshot

The Belarusian border guards Polish border guards are accused of committing “unlawful acts” at a checkpoint near the city of Brest and shooting them, among other things, with slingshots. The Polish side denies that this is the case.

The Poles allegedly fired one of the metal bullets.


On the night of April 10-11, Polish soldiers fired at a Belarusian roadblock in Peshawar. They said in a statement that the security forces tried to blind the Belarusian border guards with a strobe device. In a video released by the Belarusian State Border Commission, an armed person flashes towards the camera. Then another person apparently fired a slingshot across the border. The authority added that the Belarusian border guards discovered, during an inspection of the area, damage to the border walls as well as metal bullets, and the Polish side was informed of the border incident. The alleged incident is similar to another “border violation” reported in January, when holes were discovered next to one of the border guards’ emblems.

“We do not comment on the materials published by the Belarusian side,” a Polish border guard spokesman told Euronews. – There are many indications that some information published by the Belarusian services has been tampered with in recent months. The border guards haven’t fired any shots last night or recently, and they haven’t used slingshot-type tools—we don’t have those.”

However, on Sunday, Polish border guards accused Belarus officials of throwing stones and laser attacking Polish patrols while a group of refugees attempted to enter the country. (euronews)

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