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Ben Affleck was asked to make his own teeth and go solo while filming Armageddon

Director Michael Bay asked her to be sexy.

1998 disaster Talk about the disaster movie not shiny Damon And The son of AffleckBy Entertainment Weekly Examined. Affleck revealed Mikhail bay The director made her several requests, one of which was, for example, that the actor make her irregular dentures “sexy” anyway.

I was a bit naive about the way people think of me. Michael Bay and producer Jerry Bruckheimer gave a lot of beauty. I was told to go to the solarium, have my teeth straightened, go to the gym, and be sexy. Do I have to be sexy? How the hell do I do that? They took me to the gym to run and soften my body.

The actor added, that the story of the movie is very ridiculous, but he still thinks of it with fond memories, even if his family and friends bark at him a lot.

The basic premise of the movie was completely absurd. Why are oil drills trained as astronauts and not the other way around to teach astronauts drilling? The learning curve is steeper if you want to train an astronaut with an oil drill.

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