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Bence Istenes withdrew from the studio, a huge profit in the masked singer

One contestant fell off the stage and Bence Divine walked out of the studio.

The final season of RTL’s Masked Singer has arrived in the first half. The competition has become more exciting and the stakes are in the top six. In the final episode of the world’s craziest and most mysterious show, Deer, Moonwalker, and Gorilla as well as their duo costume, Knight and the Ass, are introduced in a thrilling production.

Are the top contestants intentionally distracted in The Masked Singer?

Are the top contestants intentionally distracted in The Masked Singer?

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The masks also provided additional effects in this broadcast. The investigators, led by the masked singer’s host, Bence Devine, played a true or false game this time, as they had to find out which of the three statements were true about the actor hiding in the mask. Deer and the Moonwalker competed first, but the detectives didn’t even have a chance to use this season’s innovation, the Super Card, because they were mostly guessing in both masks. Although Zsófi Szabó was about to find out who was behind the mask, she wondered if it was possible that one of the Morning hosts could be on stage wearing the Moonwalker mask, but in the end the right end was not uttered.

In the second duel of the show, the gorilla clashed with the doubles mask, i.e. the jockey and the chick. The gorilla made a mistake during his production and suddenly found himself next to the stage.

After his amazing move, investigators concluded that an athlete might be hiding under a gorilla costume, but in the end, only one name associated with the sport, Zsolté Erdei, was uttered. Knight and the Ass also abandoned the lesson to the Inquisitors, who in this duel were far from throwing the only Super Card still available to them.

Based on the decision of the spectators sitting in the studio, at the end of the fifth broadcast, Moonwalker, Knight and Ass were placed in the danger zone. In the end, the detective guard kept the pair of masks in competition, thus exposing the broadcast to Moonwalker.

According to the final advice, the mask was disguised by Tomi Fluor according to Tomi, Szabó Barabás Évi, Szandi according to Szandi, who almost wore a hat but was surprised by the fifth show, and according to Irvin Nagy. Why do you think Anikó Nádai is hiding in a Moonwalker mask.

In the end he got it right, the mask of Moonwalker Anikó Nádai, host of Morning and Married, host of the final season of the winning couple.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the most memorable moments from the broadcast!

Divine penny dip from the masked singer
Known for his fierce rallies, the presenter left the studio when the masked singer left.

Has the cat fight between Zsófi Szabó and Szandi begun?
The detectives did not allow each other to have their say after the production of Knight and the Ass.

This is how Fleur kisses Tommy
Zsófi continues to the end regarding the use of the super card. However, there is no reason to fear punishment, as Tommy will ensure her happiness.

Zsófi Szabó failed!  With that, Fleur completely broke Tommy's heartZsófi Szabó failed!  With that, Fleur completely broke Tommy's heart

Zsófi Szabó failed! With that, Fleur completely broke Tommy’s heart

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