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Bernie Madoff, the world’s greatest pyramid player, died

Bernie Madoff, who passed away in 2009, passed away at the age of 82 in a federal health center in North Carolina Sentenced to 150 years in prisonAn anonymous source told the AP that he had dominated the world’s largest pyramid scheme in decades.

Bernie Madoff on March 12, 2009 in ManhattanPhoto: Stephen Chernin / Getty Images / AFP

The Madoff deal has damaged thousands of victims by billions of dollars. The court-appointed trustee raised more than $ 13 billion from the $ 17.5 billion that investors had placed in Madoff’s business. At the time of the man’s arrest, false statements of accounts claimed the clients had $ 60 billion in stock.

After being shut down due to his management of the giant Ponzi scheme, a pyramid scheme, he spent a lot of work in jail as well It monopolized the hot chocolate market, for example. His lawyers also tried to release him, claiming the outbreak of the Corona virus and kidney disease, but the court rejected the requests.

2017-am Barry Levinson Movie The cheater for Madoff’s downfall was arranged by Robert De Niro. (guardian)


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